The EMR ACP Exam

I was laying in bed, I had just woken up and looked at my phone and there was a new email, I opened the mail app and there it was

“ACP Exam Results”


My heart skipped a beat, I got super anxious, and for a split second, I contemplated leaving the email unopened. I wanted to know the results, but at the same time, I didn’t want to know… if I was to fail I would rather not know, and just live my life in denial. I was scared of the feelings that would follow a fail. Immediately my curiosity got the better of me, I clicked open… the results were not in the email.

The email mentioned that the results are in our ACP profiles.

I logged onto my ACP profile, I hovered over the “exam” section of my profile, I hesitated.

This click was going to determine how the rest of my year would turn out to be. If it was a pass then, I could register with the college and officially become an emergency medical responder. If it was a fail, I would have to pay to take the exam over and go through all these feelings again.

I clicked…

Boom! I passed!!!

Written Exam: 78% Pass
Practical Exam: Pass


There was a huge weighted that lifted off my shoulders, and I may have shouted out loud, in my basement. I was happier then I have been for a long while, and I had this renewed energy.


I can now continue on to my goal of attending an EMT class. If I work this summer as a casual EMR, doing my full-time job, and possibly another side job, I can then attend. I need to save around $6–8,000 so I can live for 6 months without any income. Once that’s all taken care of I can then continue on with my career in the EMS world.

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