Traveling Alberta

Traveling is a large part of my recent history, I absolutely love to travel. 1997 is the first time I ever traveled, my family and I went to Cozmel Mexico for a week. It was absolutely brilliant. It was the first time I was on a plane, the first time to an all-exclusive resort. It was a good primer for what traveling could be.

2014 was the year that I did some real traveling and exploring, I went to about 15 different countries in 11 months for a total of 11 months, I lived out of a backpack, experienced hostels, foreign transit systems, being in non-english communities, and being in dangerous foreign situations. It was a year of unforgettable memories and friendships. Since that trip, I’ve gone back and fourth to the USA a handful of times, but nothing outside of North America.

Katie (my girlfriend) also has the travel bug, and has been traveling for a lot longer then I have and has gone to many more countries then I have. She has somewhere around 25 different countries under her belt. We both yearn to travel together, and have a desire to do it internationally. The only thing that holds us back from this dream is $$$.

Since we don’t have the money to do some international traveling we have decided to travel within the province we live in, Alberta. Taco Skate Co. released an Alberta Travel Sticker Pack earlier this year, and has about 8 different small towns featured in the travel pack. Katie and I decided that is what our “traveling” is going to look like until we have the funds to buy some plane tickets.

The small communities featured in the Sticker Pack are:

You can buy the sticker pack here:

The Alberta Travel Sticker Pack Volume 1

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